All day spraying comfort

The new Graco Contractor PC airless spray gun offers exceptional all-day spraying comfort and control

When it comes to designing, developing and marketing professional airless spray guns, Graco is at the top of the tree. Its airless spray guns are renowned for providing the finest finishes, durability, performance, and reliability in the industry. What’s more, the company’s Procontractor guns have gained a deserved reputation for being ergonomically friendly and comfortable; key benefits considering how long spray guns are used each day.


Improved ease of use was certainly one of the over-riding requirements in the design of Graco’s new airless spray gun. Compared to current Procontractor guns, the Contractor PC is 8 percent lighter, and offers a 40 percent reduced trigger pull and a 65 percent lighter hold force. Compared to competitive guns it provides a 37 percent lighter trigger hold force at 207 bar (3000 psi). In addition, the Contractor PC has a simple trigger lock and a proven ergonomic handle design. Put all these features together and you are talking about significant improvements in ease of use.


Field repairable

It’s not just ease of use where the Contractor PC excels, it’s ease of field repairability too, as it can be repaired on the job within seconds AND without the need to find your toolbox and hope it’s got the necessary tools. The innovation here is the Graco-exclusive ProConnect Replacement Cartridge. It incorporates all wearing parts, and can be replaced in three quick and easy steps. Simply pinch the two side buttons on the trigger arm and lift up the arm. Remove the ProConnect Cartridge and replace it with a new one. Snap the trigger arm down and you’re immediately ready to resume spraying with hardly a minute’s delay. Feedback from the first test users of the Contractor PC describe the ProConnect Replacement Cartridge as “like getting a brand new spray gun!” We might add … “for an unbelievably low price!”


Customized comfort

Another feature that makes the Contractor PC stand out on the crowded airless spray gun shelf is its built-in extendable trigger. How do you like to spray? With two fingers? Three? Four? With the Contractor PC it doesn’t matter what your personal preference is. Simply adjust the trigger to the optimum extension for you. And it really is simple! Loosen the knob on the back of the trigger, adjust to the desired length, and then tighten the knob. This built-in capability also does not require tools.

What about if your colleague picks up the spray gun, and he prefers using a different trigger configuration? No problem, he just quickly adjusts the trigger to his own customized comfort setting. There’s therefore no need for different sizes of handles (which can easily go missing). Large fleet owners can now share spray guns among their painters without having to swap guns to meet individual operator preferences. This on-the-fly adjustability is also useful when spraying difficult to reach areas when a painter may only be able to use two fingers to spray.

And while we are on the subject of the trigger, the Contractor PC is suitable for left- or right-hand operation, and its trigger lock is exceptionally easy to operate – with just one hand.


Reliable performance

Then there’s the EasyGlide™ swivel feature, which is proven to deliver reliable performance over the life of the gun. The Easy Out™ gun filter is fully interchangeable with Graco’s existing contractor spray guns. The filter is inside-out so will not collapse, making it easy to remove. And the Contractor PC is supplied with a RAC X 517 LP SwitchTip™ and guard. This tip is reversible for easy clog removal and covers the widest range of applications. Last but not least, this premium gun incorporates Graco’s leading SmartTip technology, proven to offer the best atomization available in the market. With the RAC X LP tips, you can spray with 30 to 50% less pressure. This results in a better finish, less overspray, higher reliability and a longer tip life.

A quick recommendation: complete the gun and swivel with a small and flexible 1/8” whip hose, and you will experience greater reach, access and all day spraying comfort with Graco.

A few technical specs

Here’s some data to back up the claims above:

  • Weight: 1.24 lbs / 0.56 kg
  • Open trigger force, 0 bar: 3.3 lbs / 1.5 kg
  • Open trigger force, 207 bar (3000 psi): 7.9 lbs / 3.6 kg
  • Hold trigger force, 0 bar: 3.9 lbs / 1.8 kg
  • Hold trigger force, 20.7 bar (300 psi): 3.2 lbs / 1.4 kg
  • Delivered with gun filter, LP RAC X and guard.

In summary

For the busy contractor with long, all-day spraying jobs, the Contractor PC offers a highly ergonomic, durable gun with a lightweight design and easy trigger pull, reduced downtime with easy in-field repair without tools, and the lowest cost of ownership compared to any airless gun. Moreover, this premium gun with unique features is available at a very affordable price.

For more information about the Contractor PC, contact Raf Willen at

or vist Graco’s website

All day spraying comfort graco

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