Aldi DAB Radio Review by a Proper Tradesman

Updated Feb 17, 2024 | Posted Mar 15, 2019 | Professional insight, Tool Insight | 3 comments

I picked this Aldi DAB radio up as my 2nd makita stopped working and didn’t want to fork out another £100ish on a new radio. I can’t believe Makita can’t make a quality radio for that type of money!! I hated mine, poor sound, too much bass and it broke easily!!

The Aldi DAB radio is different, it’s not overly big which is a plus, looks like it will take some abuse. It’s got Bluetooth and a aux output. It is the perfect fit for my life as a decorator.

The signal on dab is spot on. I was quite surprised how well this radio performs!


The best thing is the sound quality. Going from a Makita to the Aldi DAB radio is like going from a white-label coke flavoured drink, to classic cola! The sound is crisp and clear. The signal never meases a beat. This is one of the best things I’ve bought.

The only bad side I can see is the antenna is made of plastic and might be prone to snapping.

But for £50 and a 3-year warranty you can’t go wrong

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Updated Feb 17, 2024 | Posted Mar 15, 2019 | 3 comments


  1. George Coull

    Blimey £30 for a Dab radio thats a bargain, I am off to the 3 Aldis around my way as see if any of them have one
    Thanks for the review

  2. Des

    Thanks for the heads up

  3. Allyn

    Wow £30 for dab I’ve got to have one


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