A Decorator Affected by Covid-19

By Colin Hooper


I’m actually posting something serious for once!

I’ve been on Decorators Forum for a while now and I love the banter and great info in-between the piss takes.

But tonight I just want to say that if you’re going to go to pubs/bars etc please be safe.

I’ve been off work ill with covid for 16 weeks now with 1 furlough pay of not much as I’ve been a house dad until this recent year of full time work. I did not end up in hospital although I came close. There are thousands of people like me that you are not hearing about, that are still having breathing issue’s, head aches, brain fog, high pulse at rest, shakes….the list goes on.

Please be safe.

I can’t wait to get fully well and back to work and a bit of normality back in my life. I came close a few weeks ago n then went backwards again. I can walk around the block one day and another day I can’t get my arse out of bed for bad fatigue or tight breathing.

I’m not after sympathy, but just want you to understand that before you go into a pub where people will be drunk and be forgetting social distancing that this can properly mess you up.

I’ve been getting the media to look at a group I’m in where there are literally thousands of people struggling, and hopefully it may be out there a bit more over the coming weeks.

Be safe all ✌❤

And if all else fails Zinsser BIN it!

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A Decorator Affected by Covid-19