Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood Review

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Dulux Trade Diamond Satinwood is our new go to paint for woodwork

So, the big boys over at Dulux have finally joined the party with a water based Satin finish for woodwork which isn’t terrible. In fact, we find it simply brilliant. But their water based quick dry Satinwood was a disgrace and the oil-based is not what customers want nowadays.

Dulux Diamond satinwood is a fully water-based product. Available online in white, or any colour from the Dulux range. You should use an adhesion primer over previously painted surface.

So, what’s the verdict? Here are our 5 reasons to use Dulux Diamond Satinwood…

  1. It’s water based, with minimum odour. The decorating world was waiting for a good yet reasonably priced water based satinwood from the big brands.
  2. The Dulux Diamond range is known for its longevity. From what we’ve seen so far, the Diamond Satinwood is as robust.  
  3. Nice thick consistency, great for those painters who favour an oil consistency.
    Good coverage and opacity. If you do a solid undercoating job, you can get away with one coat.
  4. The Dulux brand is always an easy sell to clients and there are not that many good water based options for all those British staircases, biddings and curtain rails which we have to wrestle with.
  5. It’s available pretty much everywhere already.

Concluding, we will be using Dulux Diamond Satinwood quite a lot in the future. It’s a brilliant over the counter go to paint.  However, the next woodwork finish we will be trialling is Benjamin Moore Scuff X and it has an impeccable reputation. Watch this space! Click here to see online prices.

/Missus Sultan

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Updated May 10, 2023 | Posted Jan 15, 2019 | 0 comments

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