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3 Little Finishing Touches That Will Make a Room Look ‘Complete’ 

Your home is more than just the place you return to after work; it’s a form of self-expression and a way to show people your character and what brings you happiness without even opening your mouth. Whether you’ve lived in your current property for several years or have recently moved in, you might have already purchased several furnishings, light fittings, wallpaper sheets, etc., that compliment your aesthetic.  

We’d wager that you’ve spent most of your time and effort decorating the main body of your house and left all the finishing touches, like interior door handles, artwork, greenery, ornaments etc., on the back burner.  

While a strategically placed cluster of artwork on a wall or a meticulously stacked pile of books on a shelf might seem insignificant, these little finishing touches can complete a room and turn it into a space you’re proud of. Yet, if you still haven’t already acquired those little finishing touches, it can be challenging to know what to add to make a room yours, which is why we’ve outlined some suggestions below:  


Fill Your Walls  


One of the easiest ways to make a room look complete is by decorating upwards and filling the wall space. Whether you accent your space with murals, mirrors, display shelves, wallpaper, decals, tapestries, stained glass panels, memo boards, or artwork – you can find various pieces of wall décor to suit all kinds of decorating styles.  

You might choose one or two of the above wall decorations to blend into your existing furnishings, or you might decide to build off one and see where your inner interior designer takes you. Regardless of your choice, wall décor is an excellent way of working with empty vertical space since it is a straightforward way of adding colour, pattern, texture, and much more.  

Ask yourself what you could envision on your walls, keeping in mind your personal style and what furnishings you have incorporated into your living space already. In short, what decorations will speak volumes about your personality without you having to say the words yourself?  Alternatively, you could flick through the pages of an interior design magazine and draw inspiration from experts’ wall décor ideas 


Experiment With Door Furniture 


Although door furniture is often overlooked in the world of interior design, the doors in your property will experience much usage, so it’s only sensical that they should also look their best. Like wall décor, there are a variety of door furnishings on the market that can help give a room a little finishing touch without making too much of an impact on your existing furniture (or bank account!).  

From brass door handles to letter plates to bells/buzzers and house numbers, you can tell a lot about the occupants of a house by how their front door is presented. Do the residents at number five have a brass door knocker shaped like a skull? In that case, you automatically assume that the rest of their home will be suitably gothic-like. Or have you caught yourself admiring your neighbour’s patterned interior door handles whenever you go for a quick catch-up? Speaking volumes about their ‘out-there’ personality?  

If this is the case, perhaps you’d like to try experimenting with door furniture too. Consider kickstarting your journey by looking at Corston’s website, which stocks a variety of solid brass door furnishings from door handles, hinges, doorstops and many more door accessories. Visit their site to browse their entire catalogue and see how their innovative products could help you obtain the finishing touches needed to complete your rooms inside or out.  


Decorate Your Dinner Table  


Our dinner tables are a special part of our homes, as this is the place where you and your family will sit down for meals together each day, talk about your day, share experiences, and create memories. Not to mention, it’s also a place where you will entertain guests, so it’s worth making it look as unique as possible.  

Regardless of your dinner table’s shape, size, or style, you can purchase many tabletop accessories to turn it from drab to fab. From coasters and dinner plates to napkin rings and trivets, you can find tabletop accessories that add style to your dinner table yet are also practical.  

For instance, if you consider yourself a crystal lover, you could incorporate a pair of natural agate stone coasters into your tabletop decoration, which is beautiful to look at and protect your dinner table from unsightly rings left by glasses and mugs.  

Or, if you’re a lover of all things outdoors, you could display your love for nature by purchasing a trivet shaped like a bouquet of your favourite flowers or animal. Find tabletop accessories that speak to you by looking at online recommendations or browsing through marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, or Facebook.  

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