12 Décor Tips To Make Spare Rooms Look Extraordinary

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The spare room in your home is a space that’s often overlooked. It may even become a storage ground for forgotten items and dusty furniture. However, this often-neglected space possesses massive potential. By adopting some strategic decor tips, you can transform your spare room into an extraordinary and aesthetically appealing sanctuary. 

This article will present 12 decor tips and spare room ideas that can elevate it from ordinary to extraordinary, so read on.

  • Define Its Purpose

In this stage, you must determine how you’ll plan and arrange everything in the room. For example, if you plan on creating a home office out of your spare space, you’ll want to think about where to put the desk for maximum natural light, where to place bookshelves for easy access, or how to establish a cozy reading nook. 

  • Create A Focal Point

This should serve as the showstopper in any room. If you want to turn your spare room into a guest bedroom, a focal point could be an opulent wrought iron bed or a unique wooden bed frame. In a home office, a vintage oak desk or a modern glass-top one could serve as your focal point. If you plan to create a game room out of it, a pool table or dartboard might draw the eye.

  • Play With Colours

You might paint a spare room in soothing tones like blues or greens to promote relaxation. For example, when turning that extra space into a home gym, you can make that room more invigorating if you’ll add energetic colors like orange or bright yellow. Meanwhile, a reading room could be wrapped in warm earth tones to create a cozy environment. 

  • Light It Right

Suppose you’re turning the room into a cozy reading nook. In that case, you might have a floor lamp positioned next to a plush armchair, providing perfect light for your book, while recessed lighting on a dimmer offers soft ambient light.

  • Use Mirrors

If you want to turn your extra space into a home gym, a wall of mirrors not only makes the room feel larger but also allows you to monitor your form during workouts. Meanwhile, if you want to create a bedroom out of it, a mirror positioned to reflect a window can significantly brighten the room. 

  • Invest In Multi-Functional Furniture

Turning a spare room into a small guest room may require a daybed with a trundle. It could serve as a sofa for daytime and two beds for overnight guests. On the other hand, a home office might feature a desk that folds away into a stylish cabinet, freeing up space when not in use.

  • Add Texture

When decorating a spare room into a more functional space, texture is important. For example, transforming a spare space into a home office might need a mix of sleek modern furniture with a plush rug, a velvet armchair, and linen curtains to create a dynamic, layered feel. A guest room might feature a faux fur throw on the bed, a leather chair, and heavy silk drapes for a touch of luxury.

  • Add Personal Touches

Don’t forget to add personality to make your extra room more appealing. For example, a home gym may be more aesthetically pleasing if you hang framed photos of your favorite athletes or display your race bibs and medals. A guest room might feature a display shelf of treasures from your travels, giving guests a unique glimpse into your life and experiences.

  • Keep It Green

A snake plant in any room can purify the air and add a striking vertical element. A home office might benefit from the calming presence of a bonsai tree. A sunroom-turned-reading nook could become a jungle of ferns and flowering plants for a truly immersive escape.

    12 Décor Tips To Make Spare Rooms Look Extraordinary

    • Consider Room Flow

    Think about how you move through the room. Make sure that furniture is arranged to allow for easy movement, and that commonly used items are within easy reach. In a guest room, for example, ensure there’s ample space to walk around the bed and that a table or shelf is available for guests to store their belongings.

    • Use Decorative Mouldings

    Moldings like wainscoting, crown molding, or chair rails can add elegance and architectural interest to any room. In a home office, high wainscoting topped with a display ledge can offer a stylish place to display art or books.

    • Incorporate Pattern

    Don’t be afraid of patterns. Whether it’s a bold geometric rug in a reading nook, floral wallpaper in a guest room, or patterned curtains in a home office, using patterns can add personality and depth to your decor.



    Implementing these tips can help you transform your spare room into a functional, stylish, and extraordinary space that truly reflects your tastes and lifestyle. Remember, the key to a beautiful room is not just about following trends but creating a space that feels personal and homely to you. Happy decorating!

    Updated May 13, 2024 | Posted Jun 8, 2023 | 0 comments

    About the Author

    About the Author

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